These are courses to gain more insight into all topics of spirituality. If you have just begun your journey in these things, Alea has made quick, digestible courses and workshops to help you understand with easy actionable steps to help accelerate your learning and success with the sometimes elusive world of spirituality.

Hi, I’m Alea!

Alea Lovely is a Empath medium Energy coach and the creator and host of the “Spiritual Shit podcast” which has topped the charts , gaining a #1 spot on iTunes spirituality in America. Growing up super religious, she found that a large part of her life didn’t align with her own identity because, as a child, she was having a host of spiritual experiences she couldn’t explain that made her feel ashamed of her spiritual gifts. Seeing ghosts, hearing ancestors, prophetic dreams and her empathic clairsentient experiences fell on deaf ears, were met with weird looks, or were criticized for their absurdity. She felt she had to hide the biggest part of herself for most of her life,  until a major move to NYC and an overdo divorce forced her to awaken back to herself and reclaim her purpose for this incarnation. She knew that it was time for her to claim her whole self again and since then she’s helped thousands of people awaken back to their true selves through energy coaching, courses, card readings, and her podcast.

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